Strategic Healthcare License Defense (SHLD)

Man Worrying About Paying Bills and Bankruptcy
**Now included with Legally Mine Premium Plus Service
On average, physicians can expect 10 liability events over the course of their careers – dentists can expect 6. After years as a practicing healthcare professional, I chose to study law to protect good doctors when inevitable legal or license issues come along.
Healthcare professionals are targets. Insurance settlements are often easy money for personal injury attorneys. Most injury attorneys don’t understand or care about the personal nightmare that goes hand in hand with the lawsuit.
The Second Act
The nightmare I’m talking about is everything that comes after the money changes hands. The First Act may have come to an end, but the Second Act is just beginning. Enter stage right:
  • the National Practitioners Databank;
  • licensing boards investigations;
  • professional appeals and sanctions;
  • possible additional civil suits;
  • DEA reporting requirements;
  • peer reviews;
  • liability insurance rate hikes and denials;
  • privileges restrictions; and
  • online reputation attacks.
You must consider the Second Act as part of any legal strategy. The Second Act determines the status of your professional license – the basis of everything you have and everything you do.
Shielding Your License
With preparation, you can use legal structures like the LLC and contract clauses to build walls around your license before there’s even an issue. Legally Mine is focused on protecting our clients’ assets. Now we’re adding your most valuable asset to the list – your license. This new Legally Mine service is called Strategic Healthcare License Defense (SHLD).
SHLD services are proactive. They are designed to protect your livelihood by putting limiting strategies in place to contain and reduce adverse actions against your license. We examine your professional risk exposure from five angles:
  1. NPDB, State Board, and Peer Review;
  2. Malpractice Lawsuits;
  3. Employee/Employer Lawsuits;
  4. Compliance Issues; and
  5. Mediation Solutions.
Taking Action
There are powerful tools to protect your license that you’ve been missing out on, but that’s about to change – and there’s no additional fee. How do you take action? Easy, call in and set up an appointment with the SHLD team.
To your continued success,
-Benjamin T. Dyches, DDS, JD
Benjamin Dyches
My name is Benjamin Dyches. I am both a healthcare professional (practicing dentist) and attorney. I have scratch-started and purchased 8 dental practices. I love both the hands-on care and business management aspects of healthcare.
As an attorney, I practice healthcare law – essentially everything we should be doing to protect our licenses, but either don’t know about, don’t understand, or don’t have time/see value to put in practice. These issues span from defense to contract and business concerns.

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