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What is the greatest predictor of success in America today? The answer may surprise you.

        What is the greatest predictor of success in America today? According to current research, the leading indicator for someone becoming successful in their chosen field has less to do with the quality of the education, and has everything to do with their ability to understand the factors and situations that affect […]

Strategic Healthcare License Defense (SHLD)

**Now included with Legally Mine Premium Plus Service Inevitability On average, physicians can expect 10 liability events over the course of their careers – dentists can expect 6. After years as a practicing healthcare professional, I chose to study law to protect good doctors when inevitable legal or license issues come along. Healthcare professionals are […]

3 Tips for Hiring Your Next Healthcare Assistant

Hire only the best. Newly-experienced hiring managers often believe perfection is the standard. They assume that they should only hire the student who was best in his or her class, or the dental assistant who has the most experience. In the healthcare and dental industry, where precision and accuracy are of the utmost importance, it’s […]

The Tale of the 5 Million Dollar Date: Not All Lawsuits Stem From Malpractice

Dr. Johnson* was a young, successful surgeon in the greater Los Angeles area. At the time, he was single, so he and his friend decided to spend an evening on a double date with some girls they knew. The friends planned to visit a couple of bars, so they responsibly hired a driver for the […]

Legally Mine Interview with Healthcare Compliance Solutions

So a few days ago, Lance King from Healthcare Compliance Solutions,,  stopped by the office to interview Dan about the business and about finding success as a business owner. Check out the interview here :  

Legally Mine helps to sponsor “Project Icarus”

So protecting medical professionals and business owners from lawsuits is not the only thing we do here at Legally Mine. A few months ago, local high school senior Jonas Allred,  reached out to businesses in the community to help him fund his senior project of launching, recording and tracking the flight of a weather balloon. […]

PSA of the Day!

This was put together by some members of our office staff, and it made us laugh. – Legally Mine