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PSA of the Day!

This was put together by some members of our office staff, and it made us laugh. – Legally Mine Advertisements

It’s March Madness Time!!

March Madness is Here!!! So must be tax time too. Is your current business structuring saving you money or are you just stuffing the IRS’s brackets with your Benjamins? What if the same entities that protect your finances could also save you on your taxes? Well now they can… Now Is The Time To Make It Rain!!! […]

Concerned about your Water Skis catching on fire? – No worries, there’s a code for that!

Welcome to the world of the ICD-10’s!  If you practice medicine and don’t know what I am talking about, you might want to figure out fast.  Physicians in America only have until October 1st to switch over to the new medical billing code system. This is going to be a monumental change to the way […]

Because its Friday – Move Over Starlord, We’ve Got Brian…

Welcome to the next installment of “Because its Friday.”  Our compilation of stress reducing funny videos, and this one comes from Legally Mine’s own Jordan Petersen.  Thanks for the laughs and let us know what you think below! – Legally Mine

Happy Holidays (or should we call it happy ridiculous-lawsuit-time?) – Legally Mine

If you are like me and enjoy the December Holiday Spirit, then you too will find the following article from the ABA Journal as enjoyable as 3 month old refrigerated Egg Nog.   Click on the link for some crazy holiday stories. Tis the season for lawsuits over holiday displays When will the madness end. […]

Because its Friday: Sexy and Free – Legally Mine

Dealing with lawsuits can be stressful, heck dealing with life alone can be stressful -adding lawsuits on top of that can only make things worse. That is why we here at Legally Mine believe in the power of a good laugh every now and then.  Studies have shown that laughter is a great stress reducer […]

Because its Friday and we all need a good laugh – Legally Mine

Have you had a hard week? Tired and stressed? Trying to get out of the rat race of life?  Lawsuits and taxes got you down?  Well Legally Mine can help you with the lawsuits and taxes, but for the rest…  just sit back and let the geniuses of Bored Shorts TV make the transition to the […]